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The Classy Efortlessly Masculine Look

Masculine, feminine, or both? The line between gendered dressing continues to blur and I am seeing more designers than ever combining menswear and womenswear on the runway.

Lately, I started stealing my husband clothes and wearring them in different styles. First time when I took his T-shirt, was accidentaly, just beacause he had the perfect color match with my outift. Now, I m reconsidering really seriously about all his everytime I m not decided what I want to wear. We know (girls), that his waredrobe is ours, meantime ours still remine only for ourselves. I hardly imagine Felipe with my 4 sizes T-shirts – haha.

How to pull off the borrowed-from-the-boys trend and still look like a lady.

The secret is to mixe one masculine piece into a femine outfit or one vintage/old piece in a modern look . Another secret is to play with proportions. Complement the crop top with a boyfriend oversized blazer, and chic street style look is guaranteed.

Founded this classy pleated trousers in a second hand store a few weeks ago. I was soo excited to style them in different ways, like classy and effortlessly or modern with feminine twist.

How to make a classy outift using masculine pieces to look cool, fashionable and ready for street style?

#1 I have to tell you that you don’t need a city job to wear a trouser suit. Everything about the pattern says conservative, masculine and heritage so the trick is to balance it with basic casual clothes. Like using a cotton T-shirt and sneakers.

#2 An air of nonchalance and you’ll look entirely effortless.



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