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Testing the New G Wagon

You hate it or you love it . Simple as that .

I adore it.

How funny that I fell in love with this car in Italy beeing in a vacation 15 years ago. I remember that day as yesterday. Since then, this car hasn’t changed to much.

It looks, rather, like a metal lunch-box that moves between war zones and film premieres. It is designed for off road – dunes, swamps, forests, small mountains – but it is styled for fashion magazines. This car is so #artdeco .

Invented for the last prince of Persia – the Shah of Iran, the heir to Cyrus the Great, the King of Kings – before he fell in 1979, the G Wagon is built in Austria, and is now relaunched with disco lights.

How Tanya Gold says in her article for Vogue, ” I do not know if the King of Kings had this trim but 1979 was a great year for disco. It was the year of I Will Survive. ”

The AMG63 boxy SUV will hit 60 miles per hour in just 4.4 seconds – a full second faster than its predecessor thanks to a 375-pound reduction in weight.

Testing the new G Wagon thanks to Atp Exodus last month was pretty exciting, and here are some cool shoots from then. What would have been more properly than a disco pink trench coat and a pair of boots inspired from the 90’s?

Starting with the sound of the his AMG Sport engine, the goggly eyes,  the doors which slams shut like proper doors, that hefty wheel on the back, and ending with his rugged look on the outside, made me love Austria and cars more & more…

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