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Be Outstanding.

Everyone wants to be extraordinary, but no one wants to be unpopular. Everyone wants to be a genius, but no one wants to be called a nerd. Everyone wants to be outstanding, but no one’s willing to stand out.

I did this short shooting last Saturday, and it took me two days to think what should I write below for a perfect matching between the photo and my description. I was staring at my photo for more than 10 minutes, and than It camed out , this one word: Outstanding. I searched some ideas online, about this outstanding specific meaning, and I founded this. The article of this guy, Jeff Goins, is my favorite. I took a few rows, and belive me, this guy knows very well to describe it. Below you have a few paragraphs from his article.

It takes courage to go where no one else has gone. It takes the heart of a pioneer and the mind of an engineer to set out for the Promised land and build the road as you go.

To do something this creative, something that’s never been done before, you have to be a little crazy. Fortunately, those who are, end up changing the world.

Of course, like all new endeavors, this involves risk. There’s a cost to doing great things. To be a leader in today’s world, you have to be brave enough to wander off the worn path and make a new one. And no one will be walking with you those first few steps.

So be prepared.

Are you ready for this?




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